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Owner and Lead Designer- Greg Davis

Bringing over a decade of experience to the drafting table, Greg Davis adds light and life to your designs. 

About Us


Our expert team of creative design professionals strive to provide you with a custom finished project that far exceeds both

your clients' expectations and your own expectations. We understand sales and gaining a client's trust in your work. We know that when we make you look amazing, and increase your sales, we earn your business and loyalty (this is our goal).


Our design process.


We know each project is a unique, multi-faceted opportunity requiring its own set of strategic solutions for optimal success. Therefore, it is important to realize that execution methods and requirements may vary slightly due to project scope and nature. Below is a basic rundown of the 3d rendering process, including what our clients generally can expect:


Submit your blue prints, CAD files, and sketches for your initial quote. Submission of room, furniture and texture photographs for 3d interior design projects, as well as the submission of home photographs and site plans for 3d exterior design projects help us speed the design process, although they are not required. Please also provide accurate dimensions, elevations and floor plans to expedite the process. Acceptable file formats include PDF, DWG or DWF.


You’ll be contacted for a project briefing, during which specific details and expectations will be discussed so that we can represent your ideas as accurately as possible. We’ll devise a quote, discuss pay terms and draw up a rendering agreement for your acceptance.


An initial preview rendering will be provided prior to delivery of the final rendering. At this time one round of edits may be submitted. The final rendering will be delivered via email as a high-resolution MOV or JPG file. 


What are your rates?


We work with dynamic companies and individuals, each unique project we complete for them is custom designed to fit their needs. The price to construct a residence varies tremendously, as does the price to render an image. So we need to know some of the details of your project to give you a firmer price quote. Contact us now for your free quote.

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